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Banking Up Plastyc now does business as "Banking Up". You can visit our new contact page here.
Cardholder If you are an UPside card holder, an iBankUP user, or the parent of a teen cardholder and have a question about the service, contact or  Our email support team is based in New York.
If you have lost your card, please call immediately 1-866-845-6273.
Our Call Center is based in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.
Merchant If you are a merchant and need to request the manual cancellation of a transaction authorization hold that you placed on the UPside Visa card of one of your customers, send us a fax with the amount and date of the transaction, the name of the card holder, the last 4 digits of his/her card and a justification for the requested cancellation.
Fax number: 605-271-0436
Check Casher If you are a check casher and want to verify the validity of a check issued by one of our cardholders, call 1-212-671-1015
Publisher If you are a publisher or network of publishers and want to evaluate opportunities for Plastyc to advertise its products on your sites or through your channels,
call 1-212-671-1015
Corporate For corporate inquiries, contact us at: phone: 1-646-485-5267
or write to:
Plastyc Inc, 55 Broad Street, Suite 7-B, New York, NY 10004
Media For media & press inquiries, contact:   
phone: 1-212-671-1015 ext. 304

Corporate Profile

We allow everybody to access good banking services, regardless of age, income and bankability

Plastyc Inc. is a privately held C corporation with a principal office in downtown Manhattan, New York. We operate a web and mobile platform combining the efficiencies of Visa/MasterCard-branded general-purpose prepaid reloadable card accounts, the scale of Internet and the ubiquity of mobile phones, to deliver deposit, payment and savings services to consumer of all ages and of all financial means.

Plastyc has three lines of business:

  • "Platform-as-a-service", where we operate our systems on behalf of financial institutions on top of their legacy processor
  • "Private-labeled deployments", for businesses and institutions which want to market and brand a service for their own audience, and hand over operational and Profit&Loss responsibility to Plastyc
  • Our own "Direct-To-Consumer service", under the UPside and iBankUP brands

More about us...
Plastyc is a registered Money Service Business with FinCen and a PCI-DSS compliant service provider. We are committed to adhering strictly to the industry rules and regulations, as required by our financial institutions partners: the USA Patriot Act, the Bank Secrecy Act, the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act, the list checks of US Treasury's Office of Foreign Assets Control, FinCen and Treasury rules. We maintain a strict Anti-Money Laundering policy.

Plastyc has committed to the Compass Principles published by the Center for Financial Services Innovation.

We have partnered with established financial institutions such as Meta Payment Systems and H&R Block Bank, payment systems networks like Visa & Green Dot Corporation, processors like Fidelity Information Services, and technology vendors like Savvis, IDology, Personetics, ArrowEye and Midco Connections.

Plastyc's principals are veterans of the consumer and payment industries, with decades of experience at companies such as GemAlto, Oberthur, American Express, MasterCard, TxVia, Unilever, Thomson/RCA, Sun Microsystems, Fidelity Information Services, and Mobile365, a company in which both Visa and CitiBank were investors (now SAP/Sybase365):

Robb Wilmot

Meeting with Us?

If you have an appointment with us, we are at 55 Broad Street, New York, NY. This is a secure building and we will need a badge prepared for you in advance of your visit.
If you are not sure that a badge has been prepared for your visit, please call 212-671-1015

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