Personal Billing
How Individual e-Billing works

Individual Billing

Are you a single-person business? Caretaker? Contractor? Piano teacher? Tutor? Work-at-home Mom?
Would you like to get paid electronically by your customers but can't afford the time and expense to set up a website with an e-commerce page?

Are you a student? Do you need to solicit your parents from time to time for some financial help?
Have you discovered that your parents' bank makes it really hard for them to send money to your bank?

Now everyone can get paid electronically

  • Without a bank account
  • Without a website
  • Without a card accepting device
  • Without a smart phone
  • Without any software
  • Without a merchant contract

All that's needed is an UPside Visa Prepaid Card.
UPside cardholders can now send a payment request from within their card account to anyone with an email address.
The solicited Payer simply fulfills the request by using the online bill pay service of his/her existing bank.

In a nutshell, every UPside Card holder is now a biller, thanks to a partnership between Plastyc and eBillme (now Western Union Pay).

Here is how it works: (move your cursor across the diagram below for more details about each step)

1- the UPside cardholder fills out the money request form inside his/her card dashboard.
2- the Payer receives the request by email and clicks on the View Request button for details...
3- ... which opens a page where the Payer enters his/her name, address and phone number, and confirms his/her email address.
4- eBillme generates an e-bill for the Payer to use at his/her bank to complete the payment.
5- Payer logs into the online bill pay service at his/her existing bank, picks eBillme as biller & pays the eBill.
6 - The UPside card account is credited with the money 1 or 2 days after the Payer's bank completes the bill payment.

The lowest cost and most convenient way to receive payments:

See how the service compares to other payment products:

  UPside Card Square Up Intuit GoPayment PayPal
Customers pay with: Money in their bank account or cash Cards Cards PaylPal account or card or bank account linked to PayPal acount
Hardware: None iPhone, iPad, or Android phone iPhone, Blackberry or Android phone None
Software: None Square App Quicken App None
Money received in: Visa Prepaid Card Square account, then Bank account Intuit Payment Solutions merchant account Bank account or debit card* via PayPal account
When you receive the money: 2 days 7 days for >$1,000
up to 30 days if less
2-3 days Instant to PayPal account or debit card, 2 days to withdraw from bank account
Chargeback risks: No Yes Yes Yes
Merchant account: No No Yes, with personal guarantee and credit check No
Card reader for in-person Tx: Not needed Optional, free Optional, Free Not needed
Transaction fee: 0.9% 2.75% 15c + 2.7% 30c + 2.9%

* PayPal debit card involves credit check at issuance

Download a PDF copy of the cost comparison table above