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Want to be an affiliate?

UPside Visa Card affiliate

Visit our Plastyc Affiliates page for a choice of affiliation methods.

Are you a publisher or network of ad publishers?

Ad Network

We are always looking for good, reputable partners to advertise our products online

Here is what we are looking for, when partnering with publishers or networks of publishers:
Click Per Action (CPA) performance-based deals. No CPM banners. No CPL lists.
Content consistent with an audience seeking a better financial future. No entertainment, music, sports, movies...
Transparency of site locations: we need to know where exactly our ads will be displayed, in order to comply with our Issuing Bank's requirements
Transparency of message: we need to review and authorize all text, pictures and banners used to describe our products
If you meet the above requirements and can drive thousands of new customers per month, contact us at

Are you a Direct Sales Organization?

Empower your direct sales force to sell prepaid cards securely in shopping malls, at fairs, or when visiting clients.

Let your sales agents use an Android tablet to sign up applicants:
On the spot
In an auditable and traceable manner
Or let your sales agents simply use pen and paper to sign up applicants:
Through a simple paper form...
... and a dedicated portal where agents can enter the collected applications at the end of their day...
...without exposing the agents to sensitive personal information like date of birth and social security numbers

To learn more about how we can help you with tablet or paper based enrollments of consumers into Plastyc's prepaid cards and services, contact us at

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Are you a non-for-profit organization?

CFSI Nonprofit Guide to Prepaid Cards (PDF reader required)

Read the guide to Prepaid Cards published by the Center for Financial Services Innovation

The Venture partner of CFSI, CoreVC, has invested in Plastyc.
We are ready to help you distribute cards to your audience and share revenues with your non-for-profit organization.

Enroll & manage cardholders from within your website

Do you operate a website that needs to enroll users into prepaid cards and/or manage their card accounts without leaving your site?

Embed a card enrollment form right within your own site
Use our EnrollCardholder API method
Connect to our Enrollment Servers
Receive the Direct Deposit Account number of the cardholder right away
Get paid a commission for each successful enrollment
Monitor your success through our control panel
Display card account data right within your own site
Retrieve and display cardholders' information inside your own pages
Let users see their balance and latest transactions
Allow users to suspend their card from your site in case of loss or theft
Enable users to share money or settle I.O.U.'s from your site
embedded enrollment embedded card account management

Download the Web Services API Specification See and download a Slide Summary about the API

Tax Preparers...

Give your customers the option of receiving their tax refunds into a prepaid card

Enroll your customers into a card instantly
Receive the Direct Deposit Account number from us on the spot
Complete the tax return with the DDA number just obtained
That's it! We'll ship the card for free to your customer
The tax refund from the IRS will go directly to the card
Tax Refunds into Prepaid Cards

Load funds into multiple prepaid cards in one step

Do you need to distribute money to users easily and cheaper than checks?

Use our direct-to-card Mass Load service
Send us a Mass Load Instruction file to tell us who needs to receive how much
Send us via ACH the aggregate of the funds you need to distribute
We deposit the money in each recipient card instantly
Direct-To-Cards Payouts

Download the Overview on Direct-To-Card Payouts or read the detailed instructions

Co-market or co-brand a card as a sponsor

Note: you need to enroll at least 20,000 accounts/year to be a card sponsor

If you operate a community, consider yourself a "role model", or are from the media, become a "Card Sponsor"

Note: if you are a sports league, keep in mind that Visa has existing sponsorship agreements in place with various sports franchises, including some exclusive arrangements. Therefore, we may not be able to enter into a relationship with you, if it conflicts with a prior agreement that Visa has with your league or a competitive one.
Achieve many worthy goals
Promote financial literacy
Help disadvantaged communities
Reinforce your users community
Get paid more easily for what you sell
Reward the loyalty of your users
By simply promoting the UPside cards
Plastyc handles all card operations...
You receive a share of card revenues.
Enjoy the most partner-friendly service
Easy customization
Rich and instant resporting
Multiple add-on services: direct-to-card payouts, loyalty points, financial literacy resources...

Define your own card campaigns

Set up the parameters for
the demographics of your audience
your marketing channels
the choice of card types
graphic artwork of your own cards
sign-up optimization options
further interactions with cardholders
Be ready in a few weeks
start with a simple referral set-up
ask us to add features and options as you become comfortable with deployments
Partnership Goals Campaign Parameters

Download an Overview about Card Sponsorships