Don't wait for checking accounts to become obsolete.
Move to Prepaid Now.

The era of free checking is over. Every consumer wants a 21st-century, near-free, safe and responsible way to manage their everyday money. Banks can no longer offer checking/debit accounts profitably through tradtional channels based on legacy DDA platforms while complying with Dodd-Frank & Durbin regulations.

The solution is to shift to prepaid card accounts:

  • Reduced operating costs: ≤$50/year versus >$200 for checking
  • Earn greater interchange when designed for exemption from Durbin amendment
  • Enroll more customers: can be opened to customers black-listed on CHEX
  • Offer full check services: paper check writing (on-demand) & check depositing (via smartphones)
  • Same ACH routability, FDIC insurance and Reg E protection as checking accounts
  • More differentiation through easy-to-add options: rewards, built-in savings, mobile top-ups...

What does it take to deploy?
Plastyc delivers "Prepaid 2.0 in a box" by acting as a Program Management Service Bureau for the Bank and taking care of all of the deployment and management steps above and beyond the services usually provided by a transaction processor.

User Interface Services Loylaty Engine Administrative Control Panel Real-time reporting Connection to legacy processor
Turn-key deployment of Prepaid 2.0
Plastyc's Program Management Service Bureau covers all necessary steps of a successful deployment

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