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Prepaid card affiliate

Plastyc services have one of the highest Earning Per Click ("EPC") rates of the financial services marketplace, thanks to their low cost and rich features.

If you run a website intended for US-based consumers, in one of the following categories, you should consider advertising UPside Visa Prepaid Cards and/or iBankUP:

  • Consumer financial services:
    • Payment cards
    • Debt management
    • Tax filing
    • Loans
    • Credit score monitoring
    • Bill payment
    • Financial literacy resources
  • Insurance services
  • Job searches
  • Any service helping consumers get their lives organized

Note that we do not accept affiliations with websites promoting adult content, gambling services, discount coupons, or any multi-level marketing service.

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Commission Junction

The easiest and quickest option is to become an affiliate of Plastyc through the Commission Junction service.

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If you run high-traffic web properties and you estimate that you could sign up more than 2,000 consumers per month for a Plastyc service, then contact us directly at

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