UPside Visa® Prepaid Cards

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UPside cards are a range of Visa general-purpose reloadable prepaid cards for people of all ages. A version of the card is available for teenagers under parental control. UPside cards have the lowest fees of any prepaid card on the market and the richest set of features. They are ideal to manage money received from jobs -and parents- without having to open a bank account or getting into debt with a credit card.
Sample Cards
Examples of UPside cards

Once the money has been loaded onto a card, it can be spent online and in the physical world at more than 20 million merchants worldwide. The cards can also be used to withdraw cash at the tens of thousands of ATMs which have the Visa, Interlink or Cirrus logos. In a nutshell, UPside prepaid cards combine the safety of an FDIC-insured bank and the universality of the Visa network, with the flexibility of the most extensive online service, including Facebook® and complete mobile access.

As a bonus, unlike most bank accounts and debit cards, UPside cards come with a loyalty program where Cash-Back Points can be earned quickly when shopping online, referring friends, or loading funds. UPgrade Points can also be earned through Direct Deposit and referring friends, to achieve Premium status and get numerous benefits such as waived monthly fees, special customer service and one free paper check issuance per month.

The only Visa card with a built-in saving feature
The cards have a built-in
"Rainy Day Reserve"

The only Visa card with a built-in Rainy Day Reserve: UPside cards make saving easy and automated. No need to open a separate savings account: money can be set aside inside a Rainy Day Reserve at the click of the mouse, and saving can be turned into a habit by simply setting automated daily, weekly or monthly savings of any amount to build up an emergency fund.

UPside Cards are not credit cards: cardholders can only spend the money that has been loaded beforehand into the UPside card account. There is no credit card bill to pay at the end of the month, no late fees, no risk of going into debt.

If the card is lost or stolen, the money in the UPside card is unaffected. As long as we are notified promptly of a loss or theft, the money is 100% safe.

Receiving money: UPside cards can be loaded with funds from employers (via Direct Deposit), from parents' credit or debit cards, checking or savings account, from friends and family (via card-to-card money sharing), from cash through GreenDot® MoneyPaks® available at 50,000 retail locations, and from certain online communities and marketplaces which offer monetary rewards to their members.

UPside Cards are also the only cards on the market allowing cardholders to receive directly electronic payments from anyone with a US bank account though a personal billing service developed in partnership with eBillme, now Western Union Pay.

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